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Get to know our waters...

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is one of the most famous destinations of the Mexican pacific coast when it comes to diving. Mero Adventure offer dive trips on a daily bases to some of the most popular diving sites in the area, providing nascent and certified divers the opportunity to discover the abundant diversity of marine life in warm waters in the Mexican Pacific Ocean.  


Non-certified divers can dive with a tank at the hidden paradise of Chon Bay behind las Gatas beach or Zacatoso de las Islas Blancas in Ixtapa, after completing a simple course at the place of vacation at least one day before the date of excursion.


Certified divers have to show their proper diver certifications. If more than six months have passed since your last dive, we demand a completed review course before being allowed to participate in dives with two tanks at los Morros de Potosi, Ixtapa Island or night dives at el Chato.


What ever dive site you choose to dive, Mero Adventure is a Diving center with instructors and guides within the PADI Diving Association that provides the divers quality service and equipment. The instructors that approved the dive boat Mero, are PADI or C.M.A.S certified.


We offer 4 hour trips in the morning or afternoon to some of the most popular sites on our coast. You can choose between one or two tanks that contains 200 bar / 3000 PSI. The dive trip includes certified instructor or guide, dive gear, snacks and soft drinks.


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