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Snorkeling ... Free Diving

Free of your own weight, the feeling of just floating and moving almost without effort.

Mero Adventure provides life jacket and/or a neoprene suit that protects you and makes you able to float in a manner that makes you feel completely safe.

After a moment of acclimatization for the novices to free diving and to get control of your respiration, you put on your goggles.

The goggles are applied a product so that they do not dim or let in water. We’ve got various sizes of goggles from children to adult sizes.

For those of you who use glasses we recommend contact lenses, since the use of glasses won’t work without letting water into your goggles.

But don’t worry!

In the water the fish look bigger and closer to you than up at the surface, it’s part of the magic that you encounter in the H2O element.


You can breathe with your face under the water surface by using your snorkel. The snorkel contains integrated purges that prevents water from entering.


At Mero Adventure, all our equipment is disinfected!

In order to be able to follow the fastest fish, fins will optimize your swimming abilities with a minimum of effort.

In addition to an explanation on the use of your equipment, your guide will inform you about signals and rules to observe the reefs at our coast in an ecologically safe manner.


 “With Mero Adventure you have your pass to the Aquatic world”

Every day more people practice snorkeling and they spend hours observing flora and fauna under the water surface, many enjoy the interaction with marine animals like dolphins, some are passionate about “capturing” underwater images, others prefer free diving witch gives you the opportunity to fish or practice underwater hunting, for necessity or just plane pleasure.


Our snorkeling trips combine an extraordinary day with sun, joy and adventure, with the perfect mix of entertainment, learning and challenges, while snorkeling or kayaking at sea, exploring the tropical ecosystems at the Blancas islands in Ixtapa and at hidden beaches that surrounds the bay of Zihuatanejo.


With Mero Adventure, you’ll learn more about wild dolphins that habits the area while travel on board our first class boat Mero to the islands near Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa. You can relax on one of the beaches or visit one of the best snorkeling sites in Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo, like Chon bay, Caletota…. and more.


To the more advanced free divers, we offer free diving with constant weights with enable you to dive easier.


Anyone who practices free diving have to be aware of their own limitations at all times during free diving.


Submerging to deep water requires good physical conditions, and even more important, a relaxed body and an adequate mental concentration.


An important key to free diving is the knowledge and control of the respiratory technique during free diving; you can obtain this through yoga. Respiratory gymnastics in yoga or taichi, helps substantially to improve the results of your respiratory technique.


When out of the water, you’ll be able to identify and name all the species observed while diving by the help of information plates kept on board the boat, and with this be able to give a name to all the fish of different shapes and colors.


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